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In the last English lessons we spoke about v-logs. First we watched some very funny videos from American people. For example a girl, which was telling us about 5 facts about herself.

We also learned a lot about, what is important when you want to make a v-log. You should for example not mumble or speak to fast or to quiet. The body language is also very important because the watchers then can see much better, what you want to express. Then we had to work in groups and make our own v-log. That was very very, very funny and we had lots of fun. My group for example made a video about three sisters. They all told about their day. Every person was very different and that made the video to our video. Externer LinkHere you can watch it!

These English lessons were very, very funny and I enjoyed it very much! We all hope we do something like that again!

Theresa, Pauline und Julia

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